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    Need advice

    Should I keep to all the rules social services put in place for kids dad .. the kids have contacted over the phone every weekend but one of the phone calls his girlfriend was very aggressive towards me and she shouldn’t be listening into his phone calls with his kids as that’s what was put into place by the social worker when they was involved .. hthe kids dad won’t give me her details or anything but she always says I am treating him bad by not letting him see his kids but he can only have supervised contact with my mum and my mum don’t want to do it out doors … Also had to stop it because he was chatting up a 15 ye old  but he makes me out to be a bad perant because he tells her all lies and says I am stopping him form seeing his kids and talking to them


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    HI Tiffany

    Please, please stick to the arrangements put in place by social services. I work in this area and see it often. If it is causing you difficulties then feed this back to the social worker and explain why. If you don’t stick to the plan it can be considered you are not safeguarding the children and it will come back on you. Let the social worker know that the new girlfriend is aggressive and if your mum doesn’t want to do contact then what else can they arrange? It is not you stopping him from seeing the kids, if he is only allowed supervised contact then there is a very good reason why. If social worker is no longer involved then contact them again to say you need support because of his behaviour.

    Keep strong. You’re not a bad parent at all. x

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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