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    Hi everyone,

    My wife has kicked me out of our house  after yet another row saying it’s over between us, I’ve been sleeping in my car for a week as I can’t afford a hotel as I’m still paying the bills and the mortgage, the house is in my name so legally I can just go back but I don’t want to enrage her anymore by doing that. She would also threaten to walk out and leave me with our two children if I did that, which Obviously isn’t a bad thing, but I wouldn’t be able to go to work then as the children are now homeschooling in lockdown. I feel trapped  and blackmailed to stay away to keep the peace,  I would love to reconcile, maybe even go to marriage guidance but she won’t entertain that.  I just don’t know what to do for the best.

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    tricky situation. you could go back to house, but you open yourself up to allegations and she might get police to arrest/kick you out. if it’s over she will likely remain in the house with the kids, and you have to find somewhere else to live.

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    The best place for you is to remain in house and dont leave until you sort out child arrangements and financial arrangements.  Leaving the house she will be holding all the cards and could yet refuse contact as well.  You could end  up paying household bills, mortgage and child maintenance payments . Least if u stay u can see children and decide what to do with house as u are still living there. this maybe would have to be via text/email unless u can sit down and speak amicably about it. What dont u want is blazing rows and heated arguments as u leave yourself open to potential non molestation orders if it turns nasty . I would also be careful if u do message your ex that its only to do with children only especially if she is not speaking to you.

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