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    Hi, new member here. I’m a father of 4 and sole carer. Children’s school years are 3,6,7 and college. I’ll keep it simple and need advice. As June 1st is when year 6 are due back that means my other 2 children have to return. I work at the school as a teaching assistant but have thus far been off since we broke up. Having spoken to my boss as my eldest is in the vulnerable group (not critical) I have kept them safe and by every rule going, not even going to their mum’s every second weekend. So my issue is can I refuse to send my child back to year 6 and me return to work. That entails my other 2 to go to school when not required but as I’m a key worker, the care is provided. I feel if I wasn’t a key worker then I’d have some clout as not returning as no-one would be able to look after my other two children. I feel in a strange way being a key worker is my downfall in keeping my children and family safe. Hope this makes sense.

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    I dont know if Ive quite got what it is you are asking but if you are not wanting to send your child to school when schools reopen you could always home school temporarily until things have settled down with the covid 19 outbreak. Its not illegal to home school and there is the option ro re-enroll later down the line. Perhaps its an option to look in to. Anything to do with your work if you are a member of a union I would put it to them and see what they say. I am not really sure what all the legalities are but maybe your question would be better put to citizens advice or a solicitor who might be able to give you a more detailed and informed answer. Or you could try contacting a covid 19 support group online. Sorry I cant be of more help and stay safe

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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