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    My 17 year old daughter wants nothing to do with her dad he was emotionally abusive and at times physically too. My eldest daughter left home at 18 , two years ago , and I haven’t seen or heard of her since due to her dads behaviour and my part in not getting out sooner.

    My two sons still have regular contact. Police and social services have been involved at my request but due to my eldest daughter not living at home my foster child not living at home ( also experienced his behaviours) and my boys not understanding dads clever tactics ( I think he is has narcissist tendencies too) plus ex is in the police the case was dismissed.

    The problem is my daughter has mental health issues , recovering from an eating disorder and self harming which has been due to dad . She belongs to a youth theatre group and it is really her santuary.  Her youngest brother has recently joined and they were due to put on a show this month ( cancelled due to covid ) my issue is my ex sent me an email stating that he knows the show is cancelled; he must have bought tickets.  My daughter made it clear she did not want dad going ( dad watches her brother play football) .

    How can I stop him going to watch the show.  My daughter with support is getting better but Im worried if he turns up at these shows it is going to set her back . ( Show cancelled until Easter)

    The other issue is ive heard on the grape vine that dad now works in child protection.  I have suffered at this thought got counselling over this .  Ive lost my eldest daughter, my foster lad of 10 years has suffered my second daughter has suffered and yet he not only gets away with everything but also gets a job in that department .

    I live with the guilt for not seeing what we were living in early enough  but now I need to protect my daughter .  Can we do anything ???

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