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    my husband of 27 years has walked out to be with his teen age girlfriend they haven’t know each other for 32 years and they think they are going to run off together and be happily ever after.he has told me that he does not want to give us another go as he was leaving even if it wasnt for her as he was not happy. he has said he wants £40000 to buy him out of the house i cannot afford that we have 2 girls 16 in full time education and 19 on universal credit can any one offer any advice i am just a lost mess

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    Hi, that’s a horrible situation for you to be in. I am certainly no expert but I’d suggest calling Citizens advice, I had to recently because I’m a single parent & want their mum out of our lives. Go online you fill in a short form & they will call you for a quick idea of the situation then confirm that you will get a call from a legal representative that matches your requirements. The call will be a 30 minute phone meeting. Just be sure that you have everything written down for the talk. I hope this helps.
    All the best

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    Hello Moshy1

    Sorry to hear what you’re going through. I agree with Wesley101, Citizen Advice would be a good place to go. I’ve also tried some free law clinics which you may find them at your local area. They may even extend wider areas now that you can have virtual appointments.

    Good luck! I really hope it works out for you.

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    Hi Moshy1,

    I am new on here, looking for advice but what i know currently as being in a similar situation is Call Citizen Advice i had meeting before lockdown and it helped me greatly. He look all my finances and bills and showed me i could live as a single parent. I haven’t yet but i know you can get 1/2 hour solicitor (family law) free, best to have your questions ready beforehand. I don’t think you can be forced to sell the house as your children/child is living there. But that’s when it can start getting expensive with solicitor fee’s.

    It sounds really awful what you are going through and to have to process the emotional side and heartbreak whilst separating. I have/had been with my Husband for 20 years and i have gone through a grieving process for me and then for the heartache this will cause our two children. I feel other than our beautiful children i have nothing.

    But i really feel Citizen’s advice is the first step, they have loads of advice pages as well online. I wish you all the best, stay strong you can do this.

    Also if getting stressed i find some relaxation audio, i use Paul Mckenna deep relaxation and Louise Hay’s I can do it (cd & book) really help me. This may not be your thing but really helps me so wanted to share.

    Good Luck.


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