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    my husband left November 18 for his affair partner ….. fast forward to September 19 and he now lives with her and has stopped contributing towards our sons out of school activities. I would understand this even if not right if he was financially contributing towards her household and her 4 children BUT  she is claiming as a single parent!! (We’ve got mutual friends and they have big mouths)

    They are broadcasting all they do over the net and to be honest it’sjust not right or fair!!!!!!!!!!!

    Nothing I can do I totally know this but I just needed to rant and get it off my chest x

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    Look at it this way – she’s now living with a dishonest, disloyal, selfish creep, and allowing him in to her children’s lives.

    And he is superficial and thoughtless enough to boast about such things on social media.  You deserve better.☕️

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    to be fair kathymumofone they do deserve each other as she left her partner for my husband so they will both be wandering who’s that texting, calling emailing!!!

    What goes around comes around and as much as they are loving life right now reality will kick in at some point

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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