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    Co parenting is always a hard thing , I understand and finding the right balance takes both parties.

    Recently I had a friend come to visit, this is a gentleman. My daughters father and I had a good Co parenting relationship and we were doing fine in helping the girls.

    However, when I had my visitor for a week, everything changed. I was suddenly told I was not a good person, that I was two faced, not a true friend and because I didn’t show off how well him and I co parented and not inviting him to all our outings and asking if he was ok, if he had dinner, not offering him tea etc.

    I take responsibility as I should have extended my invitation further to him. However, I also feel communication isn’t a one way thing, if he wanted to join, could he not have asked?? I told him I’m sorry as I really didn’t know what he was thinking .. that I should have asked and inquired. However right now he’s calling me names again, and telling my daughters how horrible of a person I am because I didn’t do what he expected me to do. I just feel if he told me he wanted to come I would have known..

    or am I really the bad person in all this and this is my fault for everything?

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