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    Hello I’m a 30yr old single mother with a 10yr old son. I have a partner who also have a child & we have been together almost 3yrs. I am just feeling so low & down as I am always seeing my partner comment on other people’s pictures how beautiful they are & it just makes me feel so low & unattractive about myself. I have confronted him about it & he said he is just being nice & as they are his friends. He says he loves me but I don’t feel like he does when he’s doing stuff like that as if I was to comment on another mans picture he wouldn’t like it at all. He is also very paranoid & when he doesn’t stay at my house he will accuse me of having other men in the house & he will video call me & I have to show him round the house. Then when I tell him I am  fed up & had enough of his behaviour he will say it’s because I am guilty or hiding something. I split with my sons father over 7yrs ago & my partner is my first relationship I have been in. I love my partner so much & I would never do anything to hurt him but being accused all the time is really wearing me down. I have no family down here & frankly I don’t really have any friends.  I have told him if he doesn’t change his behaviour I will just walk away but he just ignores me when I say it & doesn’t say anything. I just feel so alone & all I seem to be doing lately is just crying has anyone ever been in this situation or just someone to talk to would be nice. I love my partner with all my heart & don’t want to walk away but I want a future & marriage & kids & he says he wants that too but part of me feels it’s never going to happen

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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