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    Just devastated is the word i can think of right now, my partner or ex should i say and I would of been celebrating 10 years together on the 13th.

    10 years of a lot of ups and downs, we have a son whom is 8 with special needs became parents young together at the age of 21 the fight alone with my son difficulties was long and hard but we loved each other so much we got through. The next hurddle was my ex addiction problems gambling which he done well in but the addiction sadly lead to other things drugs which has been a 3 year battle now he lost his job when i miscarried our second child. Then the partying and mates began after i lost our 3rd child then a heart broken 4th pregnancy.

    I then was diagnoised with endo it was growing everywhere i had major surgery and with luck we fell pregnant and it stuck! Sadly i had been told by him my ex he hadnt touched drugs in months and it appeared to be true but he had started to drink instead and sleep a lot!

    I had enough and i asked him to leave 2 weeks ago we couldnt keep going like this i couldnt do it so heavily pregnant. To find out he had been doing drugs with mates twice a month so much for him saying it had been 6 months!

    Then to find in his phone when he came over yesterday a women i suspected on his facebook number under the name John! He claims it is his mate mrs in the pic that it is John but he suddenly deleted the number! Then i asked him to call it in front of me but hey presto! Its gone now so he cant. That is it i think its fair to say something was or had been going on. I am heart broken 8 weeks from giving birth to a child we very much fault for, for so many years.

    I just dont know how i will get on i know i will but i just lost the person i loved and thought i generally knew my best friend since the age of 19.

    I just need to get through this i need support.

    Thanks for reading x

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    Well, we’re all here for support – both to give and receive – and we all have bad days. Your story is not original, sadly. Frankly, you sound better off without him, and the kids surely will be too.

    It will get harder. Then very slowly it will get easier.

    Support with any parenting problem: Family Lives 9am-9pm weekdays, 10am-3pm weekends FREE helpline 0808 800 2222 http://familylives.org.uk

    Come back here and network with other parents. Find a local Gingerbread group to visit in person. PM people you think you’d like to chat with when you’re feeling low.

    All the best.

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