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    I’ve been a single parent for over 7 years. My 2 eldest children no longer live at home. So it’s just me and my 9 year old. Life is good and we are mostly content. I’m really looking to make some friends, to just have a chat with, you know when my own company gets way too boring and there’s only sooo much Lego chat I can deal with before i want to explode. I have “real” friends but sometimes they have lives and are too busy for me….haha how rude. So thought I’d come on here and see if anyone gets the boredom and needs a few laughs, chat, someone to share good, not so good, great news with. Or just someone to reassure you that human beings do still exist and life as we know it has not completely ceased. Thanks for reading Sascha.

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    hi sascha hows you? i have been a single parent for 4 years and have 4 children. my youngest is disabled and hes quite a character. does your kids see there dad?

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    Just a little update …since I wrote this I have had 3 replies. One from the person above. The other from a married man who was bored and another guy who wanted to chat while he was in bed.

    All I want is genuine single parents that just wanna chat when they have spare time or when they want to escape the reality of singleparenthood. That is not too much to ask, so please, if this isn’t you, then please don’t reply.

    Thanks 👍

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    Hi Sascha,

    I am one of the moderators on this forum and thank you for your post. I am glad to see you had a good response from neenee87 but I am sorry to hear the other two were not as you’d hoped.

    In case this is of interest to you, we do have a number of single parent friendship groups run throughout the country by our volunteer single parent coordinators.  Please visit the link below for more information and to search for a group if one exists in your area. Please note, that due to the current Covid 19 circumstances some may not be operating at the moment but many others have set up WhatsApp or Facebook groups.

    Many thanks,


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    Hi Sacha


    i know exactly how you feel.  I have one daughter who is doing her own thing and My friends are with their family’s.   it would be gods to have a laugh and a chat with some other single parents.   Karen

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    Hiya. .How are you? Do you fancy a chat?  X

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    Hiya. How are you doing today?  X

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    Hi. I know how you feel as I am just coming through a separation and realised all my friends have families and lives of their own.

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    Renata L

    Hello! How are you doing? It’s very cool that you decided to write your story and to share your experience. I am a mom of two sons, I don’t have time to be lonely, but we all understand what you mean. We are here to chat and share our ideas, experiences. You always can write here!

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    Hi Sascha, see now you have Lego & I have to contend with superhero’s or wrestlers..!!
    I’ve been a single mom for 5 years, my little boy is 6. We too are content but I get what you mean when you say your friends have ‘family things to do’ or you may get invited on the couples nights out (well when we were all able to go out lol) but it’s not the best night when you are the singleton ! Ha!
    Adult conversation definitely does not happen much in my house either, but this seems like a nice site to meet like minded people in very similar circumstances

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    Hi Sacha!

    Thank you for sharing, it looks like there’s a few here who know exactly where you’re coming from my self included, although my son has moved passed the lego stage and we’re now at the age where its all about the latest computer games, consoles, sports and trainers which I must admit are not my strongest points haha! I too get bored in my own company and even the company of others some times lool! Whenever you feel you may need a chat I’m always more than happy to chat!


    A x

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    Hi, I’m in the same spot. Just in need of a bit more communication. Lonely times, even though I work in a hospital, ive only been qualified less than two years and people know me as a bit messed up as got back with ex hubby, now split up again, for good! So, they all know me as an emotional rollercoaster and dont’ tend to want to engage with me. Just work shit.


    Gingerbread, send me the links to the single parents groups you are talking about please.

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    Hi Sascha, ur pic made me laff! Much needed ta.

    I find since I became a single parent-been at it over 9 years now- and my social life screeched to an abrupt halt at the same time as my marriage I’ve become a bit of a recluse and if I do have the misfortune of being caught in a situation requiring adult conversation im floundering and start to talk rubbish.I hear myself and I reall y begin to wonder where this will end.I struggle to make it above hi school level( as that’s the age of my eldest child) and I worry if I’m destined to a Benjamin Button situation…know the movie..? kind of thing. Frightening thought to add to all my other worries.Stay safe.

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