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    Montana noyzz

    Hi everyone,

    sorry first day in here so I’m just trying to absorb the fact that I’m actually suffering from having to move out because my partner and I can no longer live together, and I can’t imagine myself living away from my daughter, it’s breaking my heart because she is 3 years old.
    And we already have a routine of doing things on certain times everyday,

    I started looking for flats to rent with a spare room but they seem to be too expensive in north London, does anyone know if, how can I get help with housing associations to get an affordable rent?

    can you please recommend what’s the right think to do at this stage to keep mum happy and In good terms because I’m worried she will try to stop me from having her in my place or swing her, because she never slept without her, that’s not fair!

    I’m blocked and don’t know what to do


    thank you




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    Hi R,

    If you own yiur property I would suggest that you remain in the property. You may otherwise lose out to a fair share of any sharing principle. Also moving out may affect the future access to tour child. I am not a legal professional but as a stay at home dad since my children were born (eldest now 13) and having needed to move out because of the mental strain of the marriage breakdown, I found that she took over as prime carer and I lost rights to the house.

    I would recommend you see a professional or at least initially take Citizens Advice in how to proceed. I wish you well R.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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