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    Hi everyone,  I’m new here. Long story, been with husband 30 years married 17. Marriage has been going wrong for a number of years, but last week he said he wants to move out. Hurrah! 😉 So I now have the bravery to file for divorce, (I told him this week that I think we should divorce and he agrees). Anyway, I’ve got a solicitor, have posted marriage certificate etc so next week, he should get a letter from my solicitor. We dont seem to have any opportunity to have a discussion about the kids and when/how we are going to tell them and also fir me to tell him I intend to buy him out of our marital home and want at least the youngerc2 to stay with me, (eldest 16 has fallen out with me big time and hubby has been manipulating this and not backing me up so he is most likely to want to leave with him, if he ever does)! I am more sad for the kids than for me. Anyway, that’s me! Hi!! 😄

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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