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    I’ll give you a rough overview of events. My ex partner & I separated at the end of April, we have 2 children. A 8 year old and a 2 year old girl. We have a joint 50/50 mortgage on a 3 bedroom house. My ex partner asked me to leave to give her some space. Iv rented a private room in a house and have been there since.


    We both work for the ambulance service and she has been ok with me staying in the house on occasion to look after the children. Our relationship recently took a turn for the worse due to her finding out iv started a relationship with another person. She is now refusing to let me in the house. Saying it’s her house now, I have left and that me being in the house is making her feel vulnerable and threatened. I reiterate iv never been abusive towards during this or any other time. My last visit when I emailed her to advise her I was picking up my clothes she has stated she has complained to the police/her solicitor that I’m causing her emotional abuse by being in the house. She said I can only see my children if I see them away from the family home.


    Iv only asked that 2 days a week I can visit my property to spend time with my children & put them to bed as I cant provide accommodation currently where I’m staying.  She has threatened to change the locks on the house & call the police. I’m at the end of my tether. I’m due to see my solicitor next week, but she has already stole a march on me saying I’ll have a solicitors letter from her side coming to me soon. Any advice would be appreciated????

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    You hurt her feelings mate I’m sorry to say,as you have not been separated long and you have started a new relationship already,especially during the pandemic,give her some breathing space and try to be civil to one another,she probably is hurting inside atm u both need to put the kids first,I’m in the same kind of situation the only difference is my EX put the mortgage on a payment holiday and still kept my half of the mortgage payments from the last 3 months As I believed it was being paid.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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