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    This is probably a topic I’ve asked about before but it’s reared its ugly head again.

    My ex wants me mum on the mortgage in place of her. I know it’s not as simple as swapping signatures as she believes it is and after covid things have changed for me mum. I’m just wondering if anybody else has experienced this.

    At the moment I’ve got other worries and I aint got the headspace for this right now as things are getting on my back. It also doesn’t help when the ex threatens the baliffs at the door when she doesn’t get an answer.

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    Not sure exactly what your home-owning situation is, but this much I do know:

    – whoever legally owns the house (registered with the land registry) needs to match with who is on the mortgage. So you would need to transfer the ownership of the house.

    – the mortgage deal you have with your bank isn’t transferable to other people. If you have a joint mortgage with your ex and you want to set up a joint mortgage with your mum, you would need to re-apply to take out a new mortgage, as well as pay off and close down the old one.

    If your mum is able to lend you some capital, but doesn’t want to live in your house or make monthly repayments, there are other legal/financial options. E.g. she can be a guarantor for your sole mortgage, or she can have a second charge on the property.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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