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    I needaliein

    Hello, just after some advice. What jobs do working single working parents find work out for them?

    Have primary age child, at present work a mixture of PAYE 2 days term time,.with variable hrs and a whole lot of pressure and stress, evening & weekend work for free to try and keep on top of it all…plus self employed 3 days term time 2 days school hols.

    Frankly, am shattered. I started this working pattern before splitting up with ex and pre covid. My MIL esp. then was amazing and a brilliant source of support and encouragement when I took 2nd job…however, she sadly passed away suddenly a couple of years ago, we subsequently split up, I moved out and have kept it all going for 2 1/2 years, but am at end of my tether atm.

    My main client for self employed work has been horrendous to deal with since covid, and has surpassed themselves when we actually came down with Covid over half term and were both really quite ill- sending me a horrible email giving me a hard time about it, signed off with “enjoy your holiday”.

    I have had enough.

    I need 1 PAYE job that is either part time @25 hrs a week all year & or flexible so I can work more short school days in term time and 2 – 3 full.days in school hols. Ideally it would be a bit above minimum wage…

    What jobs do people do when sole carers of primary kids?

    What do you do if kids are ill and you have to take time off? Will employers tolerate it???

    How can you earn a decent wage without doing nights/weekends?

    Answers on a postcard please! 😀


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    Andrew uk

    You could do supermarket work? A lot (most?) companies are flexible and family-friendly. If you are open and up-front with them then they are more willing to be accommodating. Employers generally make allowances for your kids being ill.

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    I needaliein

    Hello Andrew,

    Sorry for belated reply. Thanks for the idea, I guess I imagined supermarkets would need quite a bit of flexibility from staff as busier times are.eves and weekends?

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