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    my ex made my pregnancy so difficult. assaulting me, being drunk all the time, sleeping with other women. when we tried to work it out he ended up getting a new gf two weeks later. then blaming me for the assault, then going to denying he assaulted me saying i made it up because i am bitter and jealous. i had enough and refrained from communication until he emailed me yesterday saying he just wants to amicably sort out access for him. ive said il never stop him seeing his child. i have been more than amicable with all that he has put me through and stayed silent on the matters. its actual gut wrenching knowing that he has no remorse and will get away with everything hes done because i dont want to be bitter or do anything in retaliation that will just bring difficulty to my child. but it feels like i am just allowing myself to be trampled on for the sake of being the better person. hes never going to have to face up to what he has done to me

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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