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    Hello I’m new on here!

    I ve tried the meetup link on here but heard nothing back is there’s any meetups in the Nottingham area?!!

    I live with my little boy and found myself surrounded by ‘happy families’ would like to meet people in my situation. Some times I feel so helpless and on my own.



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    Hi Amy

    Welcome hope you find this forum a good source of support. We all here to listen and talk to

    Gingey 😊


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    Hey Amy- I’m in the Leicester area but also left thinking how come everyone is all happy happy and I’m here like nope!!! Where’s all the single parents at who wanna chat!!! Hope your Saturday is good- send me a message if u wanna talk xx

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    Hi all.

    I totally get when you mention all the happy families. I have a side job as a taxi driver so that on a Saturday night when my boy visits his mum, I figured it would be a good way to avoid spending too much time in an empty house…how wrong I was! Now I’m spending time sat in a taxi for 8 hours taking happy couples out for their happy drinks and meals together and then heading home to an empty house. I really didn’t think that one through before I started did I? 😀

    But actually now that I’ve thought about it is everyone you see happy even if they appear to be? The answer is no, far from it. So many people including those that arnt single are just going through the motions too afraid of change to do anything about it but at the same time acutely aware that there is something missing from their lives. I think that loneliness gives us a negative filter in our brains that tricks us into believing everyone else has got something that we havnt, social media only enhances this effect but as I said it’s not reality.

    I’ve havnt had a proper relationship for 3 years or so and when I’m grafting, which is most of the time I’m not particularly lonely or feeling isolated. It’s mainly when my boy is away that these negative feelings get a grip but the actual reality hasn’t changed so it must be a mind thing. So I think a good place to start is to recognise that not everyone is happy, then look at what eases your own unhappiness and what causes it to feel worse and work out ways to stop hurting yourself mentally. It’s easier said than done but if you keep taking little paces you’ll eventually walk around the world and things will naturally fall into place once you’ve adjusted your mind set.

    Of course I could be talking utter rubbish but I don’t think I am and it’s something to think on.

    Amy, you are not alone. Far too many people feel just as you do. It’s just finding a way to reach out to them, coming here is a great start. You’ll meet and chat with some truly supportive and caring people, all you have to do is keep posting 😊

    All the best


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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