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    Hope everyone is keeping aswell as they can do during this, i know its such difficult times for everyone.

    I was recommended this website and i have decided to right for the first time as i am struggling at the moment and just needed to write it all down and speak to anyone else going through similar.

    Me and my husband decided to seperate last November 2019 after around a year and a half of discussing us growing apart and not having that same intimate relationship we had previously along with some other reasons.

    I have difficulties with mental health, OCD, anxiety and depression which started in 2013 mainly after the trigger of me having a missed miscarriage at 13 weeks.

    Last year i hit breaking point, there were alot of triggers and i was having suicidal thoughts. In November after the seperation i began to build myself back up and i had got to a really good place mentally, i had coping mechanisms and i had a good support network and i had started to see someone aswell, which is continuing during isolation.

    Myself and my little boys dad are coparenting well we have good communication majority of the time and are managing to co parent during COVID.
    Having got to such a good place mentally, although there were still bad days i was able to manage it slightly easier however due to COVID i am isolated from any adults and although i an a key worker unless severley necessary we are encouraged to work from home. When my little boy is with me, i have a distraction from all the worry, he keeps me going and i am strong for him.

    Its on a night i am struggling or the days i am not with him. I am having frequent panic attacks and cry most days sometimes for hours.
    I know so many people are in the same boat and just wanted to have a platform to talk on and see if i could talk to anyone.

    If youve made it to the end of this your amazing it was a long one!!! ♥️

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    Here anytime for a chat, a keyworker also but was off work with depression & anxiety at the start of the lockdown but now back to work part time as also have 4 kids to homeschool.

    I separated from my husband of 15 years, over 3 years ago now father to my children. But like you said we are co parenting more so at the moment in the lockdown to have some sanity as it can be hardgoing trying to do everything for the kids and keep a good wellbeing ourselves!

    Here anytime to chat



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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