Is this really xmas day? How in the humanity do we all cope?

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    Well what to say. Today has been so hard. Its been nice yet so hard. The children lost their mum few weeks ago and boy oh boy its been tough for them. Today me and my daughter have cried and cried. She wont come out of her room. Shes 12. The boys are 6 and 4. They understand a little less. I promised myself id make this Christmas as good as their mum used to do but feel ive failed due to everyones tears. In fact doing Christmas has made it worse for them and just bought up memories. Today is the first day in my life i hate myself. Truly hate. We should have had a normal day. Nothing to do with Christmas. I dont think we will ever enjoy Christmas ever again. Im still cooking Turkey and beef and ham for them but they just keep saying ” its xmas day,wheres mum?” Worse day ever. Sorry for such negative stuff on such a wonderful day.

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    Hey there

    Don’t be sorry, and sorry to hear what you had at Xmas.

    Just do your best to make a great Xmas for your kids even with fake smile!

    Sometimes I’m really upset but I’ll keep my smile just because of my son.

    Merry Christmas!

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    Thank you Ali.

    I dont know you but i feel i love you already. Thanks again


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    Your welcome Mark

    Take care

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    Just popped on today as feeling a little sad for myself.

    You are doing amazing, I know you wont believe that, but your children know you are there for them, this day just seems to impact how you are all feeling and make it 10x worse.

    Dont ever be sorry, your feelings your emotions and needing an outlet is what this site is all about.

    Take care of yourself at this hard time. We are here for you. Your doing great.

    Merry Christmas

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