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    The mother of my son claims benefits as she is a single mum. I transfer her money each month for child maintenance. When she claims for child benefits, would she be asked whether the Father supports her at all financially? If she said no, would this mean she would get more money through benefits? I assume her acts would be fraudulent, as I am transferring money each month.

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    I believe your ex would be claiming Child Benefit and  Working or Child Tax Credits. From memory, the DWP would have asked for her bank details and even if they didn’t, Child Benefit is a given when a child is born and I don’t think either of the Tax Credits take maintenance into account, for the calculation. Your best bet is to call your local benefits office. I don’t think she is committing fraud though. Sorry. 😊

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    As far as I am aware, no this isn’t fraudulent. Child maintenance isn’t taken into consideration when receiving benefits. It does not affect how much money she gets from benefits either as she would actually receive less money being a single parent with a child, than she would receiving benefits as a couple with a child

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    Read this:

    In short, no. The maintenance you pay isn’t affected by benefits and vice versa, you still have a responsibility to contribute to your child’s upbringing. Those benefits I guess are in lieu of her being able to bring in the same amount of income as if you were living together in a partnership and sharing care equally.

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    Nice try. Never forget at some point you chose to have children with her… Our lives are our choices.

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    No the mother isn’t asked if maintenance is paid because it isn’t income.

    in any event, this is money for the children and feelings you have towards your ex should be put aside. She’s bringing your children up!!

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    It is very expensive bringing up children.  Food clothing etc all adds up. I can’t believe you posted this about fraudulent claiming!  Would you prefer your ex to have less and not be able to provide for your children so you can spend the money on yourself???

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