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    Patricia Priebe

    Hello, my name is Patricia and my husband and I bought a home this year in Michigan City. Our next door neighbor is a close friend of my husband. Last year he was in a near fatal car wreck, died for a bit, was in a coma for about a month and suffered extensive injuries. He used to be in the construction field but is now on disability. He has 8 children, 6 that currently live with him and two daughters who are older. His partner and mother of the kids separated from him this summer. He kept the kids with him who range in age from 26mo to 13. I wont go into his personal details ad ils, but this has been a huge upheaval in his life and is really having a hard time adjusting to his new circumstances. I just wondered if you thought g.j t this organization could be of help for him. He just doesn’t have family or anyone else around that can help his sort through the wrekage of his previous reality  and help his adjust to his new circumstances. Thanks and God bless

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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