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    hi all been separated from my H for 6mths now but recently he called the police on me as a domestic for me threatening him. Obviously I havent, I just gone 2c him about missed payments for our business. Anyway apart from his shouting abuse infront of customers calling me (dirty ****) etc I didn’t scream back instead I recorded everything he said like I have in the past. The fact is prior 2 when I left the mental abuse was bad 2 the point I was very sucidical. I never mentioned this 2 anyone as I was scared of him as he had tired to hit me a few times and being Asian all about keeping it within than others knowing.

    After trying a couple of attempts, it came 2 me to leave for my boys sake and I did.

    But the abuse after doesn’t stop he still calls me names I would never of thought & try’s to mess my kids heads up and trying to get them to side with him. I have mediation on 21st my 2nd meeting with him being present. I’m dreading it as I’m the bad mother for stopping contact with him on the basis all I want is my boys being supervised when there with him than he being in the shop downstairs and then upstairs in the flat left to there own devices.

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    Hi, there is a point in reporting abuse because there will be a  trail/log of incidents (evidence that you are trying to keep yourself and your children safe). I hope the mediation appointment goes to plan for you. Also,  go prepared. I have found writing down what reasonable outcomes I would like from the meetings have been helpful.  In other words, what would you like to achieve from the meeting, what will make you feel better about this whole situation?

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    Best wishes

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    Thank u both for your feedback xx

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