Is there a Job List I can use with all you need to agree when separating?

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    Hi, My husband is moving out next week and as much as I don’t want to I need to get on with the practical side of separating everything up. I have three children and he wan’t to have them 50%. I wonder if there is a list as I’m sure there are lots of things I have not even thought of yet. Any help recommendations would be very much appreciated.  Can he take things that belong to both of us like the computer, TV etc ?

    I haven’t got legal advice yet but that is my next job today!

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    Hi Sabby

    There is actually some docs in this site under information but the best one I have added a link to below


    What I did was make a list of everything I could think of and worked through them one by one, at times looking at one thing reminded me of something else

    And if the split is amicable then you shouldn’t need to go down any legal routes for the day to day stuff, not unless he is refusing to contribute or is not willing to discuss options on a more friendly term


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    Cafcass website has advice on drawing up a parenting plan, if your split is not amicable and you cannot co-parent, parallel parenting is probably best for you both.

    If you do an internet search, you can find various PDF versions of a parenting plan to complete yourself. The more detailed it can be the better, everyone then knows what is expected and the children won’t be caught in the middle.

    Very best of luck x

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    First thing I did was get a solicitor,been through it twice both very different,I allowed my now ex husband back into my home,to take our son to school when I was at work,it was only later on in discovered items missing like my daughters laptop,my advice is don’t let him in without you there, they can take half but it’s better to go through a solicitor,it’s expensive,you pay one fee to divorce, one fee to sort childcare,but your children stay with you if he wants 50%  access let him pay a solicitor to sort it you will pay a responding fee,you need a clean break/consent order which prevents either party going for money,possessions after the divorce has taken place, I’m divorced but he won’t sign clean break,happy to answer anything  I can for you x

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    Try and do it without a solicitor if possible. You may end up in a long and costly dispute, and the only winner is the solicitor!

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