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    Im a single mum of 2. Both are under 3. Their dad used me while we were together and ive undergone therphy as he emotionally abused me.

    He came round to collect our son foe a few hours today, he took him to the park as my son loves going. On the way back to my house he went via the pub! Meaning my son went in too! I strongly disagree with a 2.5year old being anywhere near a non family pub! Or any pub for that matter!!

    He then said, as our son enjoyed it im taking him saturday to watch the football. Theres other kids goig so he can play with them. No asking if its ok if he could! No asking if it was ok with me!

    Then he says im also going to have the kids every day off I have! Bare in mind our daughter is 17months old and hes done maybe 10 nappies in her entire life. Hes dressed her a few times! Never did any night feeds while we were together. Or got up in night with her. He has to have a 3 hour nap daily! I dont want this to happen. Is it just me who thinks this is crazy?! Am I being unreasonable?


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