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    I’m newly single after being in relationship for 19 years. I’ve struggled with my mental health since 2014 after losing my Dad and then my Mum died last year. Things haven’t been great with my partner for a few years now, she moved jobs to a bigger place and I think she saw that there was lots of things in the world.

    Pretty much out of the blue she walked out on me and our two kids 5 weeks ago. We met the next day for two hours but it was a one way torrent of negativity so I suggested we had a week apart. I put our name down for couples counselling but the lockdown started etc.  She’s found somewhere to live and has started paying me maintainance and is getting the child benefit transferred over to me.

    I had a phone call from relate today to say they had sorted their systems out to be able to do couples counselling online but to be honest I feel like a huge weight is off my shoulders. I’ve been having counselling since before she left and I was wondering where our relationship would go as a result of that but it looks like she thought ahead and moved out.

    My mood is good most of the time despite the virus. I’m also furloughed from work but that’s not really stressing me at the moment.

    All I can see is forward and not back. We will need to catch up more to sort out ongoing arrangements (she is a keyworker and the days she has them at the moment do not suit any of us in normal times).

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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