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    Hi all, I don’t really know where to start with this as I am not very good at talking about myself.

    I am a single mum of two girls aged 6 and 5. My eldest is a beautiful, kind, popular child and my youngest is the sweetest little girl you could ever wish to meet. Despite the fact that I moan about them to my other “mummy” friends, they are my world and I wouldnt be without them. Their dads are not involved, which despite their protests is their choice not mine.

    While I have a large family, my closest support (my mum) has recently moved to france and the rest of my family live over 2 hours away. I am finding this all so hard to deal with.

    I work 10 hours a week as a personal assistant and used to do self employed cleaning. I have recently had to give this up due to anxiety and depression rearing its ugly head (AGAIN!).

    I have joined this group because despite having friends I feel they dont really  understand what it is like to be on their own with two children (their partners all are great parents) and I dont feel I can ralk to them in case they think its just sophie moaning again!

    I feel like I am so alone and drowning in everything ive got going on. I am trying my best not to let it get on top of me and affect the girls but it is hard.

    I have joined here because I know it is full of likeminded people, who will understand what I am saying and have enquired about joining a group.


    Sorry if this sounds like a megative post. Im not always like it promise xx

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    Hi, I totally get you. Friends are great but if they have partners like you said, they don’t understand. No matter how much people try to, they just don’t get how hard it can be. I have a 4 and 2 yr old, this will be our first Christmas as a single parent family and I’m dreading it, although I will make it special for them, it’s tough. Feel free to message me xx

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    Hi Sophie,

    Nice to hear from other people who are in “similar situations”,  I left my husband in September due to domestic abuse, though I’ve always felt like a single parent, now we’re separated, it’s still something new and I need to adapt to this new life. I have 2 children as well, (8 and 4) who are my everything.  I imagine you feel very isolated due to family being far away (mine live 3 hours away), how are you managing with your anxiety?

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    Hi Sophie,

    I totally understand and agree friends with partners don’t understand. They say lively things like ‘you’re a wonderful mum’and ‘you’re so strong and independent’ but they don’t really understand your feelings.

    I suffer from anxiety myself. PM me if you want to chat. I follow some great positive & self help instagramers who have helped me in the past.


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    Hi Sophie

    Completely get it, I left my narcissistic husband 16months ago and he only sees my son for 6 hours a week, no over nights as that would mean, he would have to have some responsibility for his child. I work 3 days a week to keep my son and I afloat and yet he is off spending money here, there and everywhere.

    I would love to go out and do things, eat out with friends, go to the cinema…anything that would make me feel human again.

    I love my son to bits and wouldn’t be without him but sometimes . . Well I can dream.

    Here for you, if you want a chat or vent or say hi.

    Lou xx


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