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    Hi all ,

    i am new to gingerbread so hello everyone . I have recently been through divorce with my ex husband of 9 years together 10 . We have 2 children age 9 and 4 .
    my marriage wasn’t right anyway and we had lots of issues however I kissed someone who was close to us all and that was the mail in the coffin. Since the divorce I have my own house me and the children and we have a 60/40 split of the children to me .
    my ex husband is causing me lots of emotional abusive behaviour now. He is constantly asking me to have checks done on my new partner and produce him reports ! Threatening me with social services and basically not trusting my parental judgement and responsibility towards my children . I do not let my new partner be around the children when I’m not there nor do the children know he is my partner they just know him as my friend and they only see him odd occasions as we are still getting to know each other ! Has anyone had any experience of this ?

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    *deleted user*

    Yes. I do. Funny isn’t it but extremely discriminatory at the same time

    Single Mothers in particular are expected to hold down child care, finances, be a heroine, but somehow not be entitled to a ‘normal’ life and normal lives and needs such as companionship (and heaven forbid a sex life!).

    Whereas single (or other absent fathers) can just go on the internet and plead for a woman to do their housework, be a substitute mother to their kids  etc and noone seems to bat an eyelid.

    You have a right to have a partner (and/or lover)as a woman and it seems you hold appropriate boundaries.

    Someone needs to speak out for single mothers in particular, we are discriminated against across the board and the dialogue needs to happen. In politics, on here and across the board!

    Good luck to you with your relationship!

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