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    Hello everyone,


    I am just recently joined gingerbread and already started feeling at home. I thought I am the only one facing relationship dilemmas while after looking at some.of the discussionsame here I really feel I can connect with many of you.

    My husband left me and my 23 days old daughter saying he doesn’t want to live with me. It obviously was a great shock even though my family was there to support me which is why I am considerably recovered from the situation.

    However I am still in financial crisis. I am a qualified professional but with a 3 year career break on my cv. I have been to spend organisations for help regarding benefitso information but here my question is that if I start full time work will the benefits be affected and also I have not been able to sort out my child’s daycare arrangement as yet.

    So please let me know what’s most suitable as currently I am only getting child benefit and child tax credit, with my husband giving less than £15 a week for his child.

    Also my income support claim was rejected and it will take a while to sort that out.

    I also wanted to ask that if I apply for Glasgow housing association how would my case be treated as I’m a single mom?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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