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    Hello Guys, My  name  is Joanna  and  I am a  single  parent of  15  year old  boy. I am writing  on this  forum  because  I wold like  to ask you  for an opinion  and  advice.

    Up till August 2019  I  received  Child  Maintenance  from  the  father  of  my  son through CMS. Since  that  time  he  stopped paying. I must  say  that I do not  have  contact  with  him apart  from having  his  mobile. My  son  goes  to see him on regular basis  every  Saturday  and  sometimes  he  sleeps  there. father  of  my so has  never  been person  who  could ” stay in job”  for  long time.  He is having   quite  unstable  life ( frequently  changing  the  relationship partner,  changing  housing  accommodation  twice  a year, that  includes  changing  jobs  ever  so often ).  Since  August  2019 I havent  received  any  CM from him. I use  service  Direct Pay that means  he  pays  to CMS and  CMS pays  me. H e is  unstable  with  his  words and  he  never keep his  word,  so  this  method I use  since  we  separated  and  worked  so far- despite  of  his  disapproval.

    I  do  not  know  how  he  does it  but  2 and  a half  years  have passed  and  I havent received anything.  I am frustrated  on the  CMS  because  for  me  they  do not  execute  anything  at all.  I am in constant  contact  with  them.  I provided  them  with his  address  where  he  actually lives  and  also any details  I know  about  him including  the  registration of  his  car. What  the  CMS  is  telling  me  is  that  the  address  that  I provided  is  ” not  the  confident one”.  By  “confident address ”  it means that they  cant locate any bills on his  name neither  any contact trace  of  him  in HMRC.  The  CSM told  me  that  the  reason for  this  is that possibly he  has  job ” cash in hand”, or  perhaps he is  self  employed. On  my suggestion  that  having  his  car reg  no can help to  locate  his  correct  address  they said  that  it  was  impossible to establish his  address with that  information as well.

    From JUly this  year I  got  to the  point  that I asked  them  to transfer  my  case  to Independent  Case Examiner ( ICE ).

    In order  to do this  I needed CMS  approval and permission.  I asked  the  CMS for  the  official  letter to  allow  me to transfer  my  case  to ICE. They were  reluctant  to  do this  from the  start. I asked  them  what  steps  I need  to  do  to put  the case  to ICE  and  I got  this……


    ” I will  be  waiting  for  your  reponse  about  progress ( I.E  moving my case  to ICE,  what  steps I need  to  do   or what  are  you  going  to  do in order  to move  my  case  to ICE )  and  consequently  checking  my  case  by ICE what  I asked  on the 9th JUly 2021.

    The  CMS:

    ” Thank you  for  contacting  us. In order  for  your  case  to be  passed  to Independent  Case  Examiner  you  will  need  to visit  and  search  for  ICE. From there,  you will  find  details on how  to refer  your  case  for  investigation. Regarding  the  Paying  parent  circumstances we  have  looked  into the  address  you have provided  to us. Unfortunatelly we  cant deem  this  address  as  a  confident  and  if  this  is  the  case, it  will not  stand  up in court. We are  currently  using  our  external  trace tools in order  to locate  a  confident  address  for  the  Paying Parent.  Until we have  this, we cannot  continue  with  Enforcement  action”

    As  you  can see  the CMS  do not  want  write  me  an official letter  as  a permission.

    The  October  came  and  my Annual Review  came  too….. I hoped  that  I will  receive  better  news. The CMS  calculated  that  my  sons  dad  income  is £31/week!!!  THis  is not  possible because  he  rents house  with hs  partner, have  a  Volvo car, Springiel  Spaniel  dog, so just  those  3  things  cost money….. As my  rights I asked  CMS  to  do the  following :

    – mandatory  reconsideration which is  a crucial  part  before  you putting  the  case  to ICE

    – An official letter  allowing  me  to put  my case  to ICE

    The next  day I received  a  call  from a lady called K……and  she  said  to summarise:

    – They  will  be  no  letter , just a phone call ( an official letter  is  what I have  asked )

    – They cant   do the mandatory reconsideration  because  I didnt  provide  to them  with the ” confident address” ( and  as  fat a s  I know  the  mandatory  reconsideration is  the  crucial thing to put my  application to ICE )

    – In order  for me  to provide to CMS  with  the ” confident  address”  is  to obtain his  wage  slips, or  bills  on his name ( how  can I  do this if  we are  separated  and  we  dont live  together ?)

    – I asked  what evidence  they  wan t me  to provide  and  when I asked  to  provide  a picture  of  him coming  to house  with my son, they said  that  will  not  be  a good  evidence

    – When asked  about letter  to alow  me  to transfer  the  case  to ICE  she immediately  finished  the  conversation  saying  that I would  have  to speak  with her  supervisor  and  the lady  called K……hang up  the  phone on me.


    I am  speechless, out of  hope  what  I can do now. Im  trying  to move  forward  but  every  time  when I  contact  CMS  they are  not  helping. They  claim  that  they try  to call  him  but  he  never  responds  and  pick up his  phone…… What  I can do as  a parent  and  single  person to prove  where  he lives when everything  what I submitted  is not  good  enough  for  them.  I only  want for  the  higher professional  body to examine  my  case  and  finally  get  what  my son deserve but it seems  like  an impossible  thing  to happen. Could  anybody help me  with  their  expertise?  Has  anybody has   similar problems?

    I will  be  extremely  grateful


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    Hi JoannaKs, There certainly are loads of people with experience of this here on the forum and hopefully someone will make contact soon. Meanwhile, you may want to look through previous posts, using the search bar above. Our helpline can also advise  Helpline – Gingerbread.

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    Hi JoannaKs,

    I too am experiencing the CMS nightmare, I have just provided a lot of evidence to the CMS regarding the multiple businesses that my 3yrs father is director of. The dividends that just one of the business made last year was over 35k . And the CMS decisions remained the same nil payments. As he earns less than £7 a week.
    I’m taking it to appeal. Just at a loss as to what more evidence I need to provide! He’s lifestyle does not equate to someone earning less than £7 a week.

    Sorry this is more of a rant then any helpful advice. If I come across anything I will let you know. I was thinking of hiring a private investigator but it’s all so expensive.

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