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    I just wanted some advice. My son had an incident at school recently after lunch the children help clear up. Apparently my son had a bottle of cleaner and was supposed to be cleaning the table but he sprayed it in another child’s face. Anyway to cut a long story short I had to see the headmaster she told me what had happened and she seemed very edgy. Apparently the cleaning solution is diluted and the other boy is fine after first aid. My son was visibly upset. He had been told off and taken out of his class.  Apparently the class  were annoyed with him too. When I got home I had two questions that concerned me 1. Why was he allowed to have the cleaning spray and 2. Why was he not being supervised?

    My question is would this be a safeguarding issue? This could have been a lot worse. I feel like my son has been wronged as any child given a spray gun will spray it and also the school has failed I feel at protecting the other child. What do you think?

    Thanks Marco

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    I would request a chat with the head again and possibly their safe guarding officer.
    I am studying to go into primary ed. and I wouldnt dream of giving a child anything other than water to clean with. even in a retail environment, we had to undergo training of COSHH (Chemical or substances hazardous to health). this included all cleaners, soaps, bleach, glass cleaner etc etc So why are children being told to use the products, diluted or not?
    and if the head seemed on edge, that would be sounding alarms for me too.

    if you dont get the answers you need, id also contact your local council to ask what their guidelines are regarding this. It could be that the school are trying to cut corners, possibly for financial reasons, possibly because they arent aware.

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