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    Hey everyone hope you’re all doing well and keeping safe, so as the title says I am in need of some friends. I’m pretty much a loner, which I won’t deny I do like sometimes but there are times when I feel like ”I wish I had some friends to go shopping with or just to talk too. So a bit about me, im 29 due to be 30 soon, and a mum to a lovely 8 year old boy.I like to watch documentaries and horror/ thriller movies, I like reading a bit but I mostly like reading about facts or geography. I’m not really sure what else to write about myself, but if you thanks for your chat feel free to hit me up. xx

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    Hiya. I’m like you reaching out in need of a decent mate. Somehow I’ve seriously cut myself off an feel more isolated and alone than ever. Sooo I’m 32 an I got 2 babies. A 12 year old an my baby will be 2 in January. After abusive relationships I’m trying to find myself again…. I just dont quite know where to start. And this lockdown isn’t half grim! I miss going to Costa for a brew more than anything! If you ever want a chat im always here 🙂 xx

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    Renata L

    Hello! You found the right place, there are many good active people in this forum, they will help you and support you. Also, you can always share your story. You can always write to me. Have a nice day!

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    Hi becca0291

    Im in a very similar situation as you. I was with my ex wife for 24 years since we were 15. I gave my life to her and somehow lost all my friends on the way. Long story but I would love to be myself again.

    Always up for a chat.

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    Hi, totally understand and feel the same way, good site to meet new people and happy to chat anytime 👍

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    A loner here too, and most of the time I’m happy with that but sometimes the silence does get a little deafening. But I have 3 boys so I’m only a loner as much as they allow me lol. It would be nice to have other things going on in my life other than  mum things, although they really are my world. Here if you’d like to chat.

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    Your not alone, I am currently going through a divorce, In which i gave my life to my ex wife for 10 years, now i barley see my daughter and i have to spend Christmas alone. Life is tough just depends on how mentally strong you can be i suppose.

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    I’m a bit of a loner too but struggling at the moment as my ex threatening to take me to court. I’m 39 and have 1 daughter aged 8.

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