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    My wife is in a psychiatric hospital. I have been in hell these past few weeks since her admission.  We have a 3 year old.

    Some of my stuff has damaged my wife and I own it totally. There are things I’ve done I am ashamed of. I’ve not cheated or physically hurt her but I’ve lied about things and it’s hurt her deeply.

    Last night I received a random text saying she’s too broken to return home. Then when I tried to call her she switched her phone off. I am a recovering addict and I am being tested to the maximum, I haven’t slept….yet must crack on.

    I wasn’t shocked at the text…she’s withdrawn totally not saying love you at end of calls and stuff like this.

    I am going to try and not contact her today. But man I need to speak to her so much.

    I realise her head is mashed because of where she is. But she’s trashed mine now.

    What the hell do I do?

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    Must be a very tough time for you. I would suggest you give it a few days, then try make contact again. Is child staying with you?

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    You say you are a recovering addict.

    That is significant.

    Please lean on the recovery networks you have, i.e AA, Narcs Anon, Gam Care, whatever it is.

    You can only help her, and your son if you help yourself.

    Good luck

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    Hi Ranger, Please look out for a private message from me with some ideas for support. Best wishes, Helen

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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