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    Hi, I’m new here.

    I’m a single Mother. My baby is 5 months and before he was born I thought I’d go back to my old job full time as I didn’t expect to really enjoy being a Mum, i’m not very maternal and I’ve been working 20 years! Turns out the little lamb has gotten under my skin and I don’t want to leave him yet.

    My dilemma is, the childcare for a month if I went 4 or 5 days a week will cost more than my rent and in total I don’t earn enough to cover it.

    Nothing is very clear about what I’m entitled to. I get housing and child benefit, but should I getting more?

    Would I not get any benefits if I went back full time?

    If I only work 16 hours what would i get? It’s a minefield and I’m getting so worked up about it.

    Please help!!

    Thank you


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    I don’t get universal credit in my area though.

    and I keeping hearing about 16 hours a week so i thought that’s why money didn’t change!

    It’s very depressing and confusing x

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    Go on entitled to website they will tell u from ur post code if u are a universal credit area or not. Put ur wages in put ur hours in etc and ur expected childcare costs and see. I’m single mum my boy us going to child minder and I get most of it paid. Play around with the figures on the calculator program to see how u are best off. Eg see how walking more or less hour makes a difference.

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    I work 21 hours a week and I get tax credit. It took me 25 years to get pregnant and I was a career girl travelling with a big job.

    I left after redundancy and found a job which paid less but nice people to work for . I was full time but I’ve got a good employer who has a working home life policy.   The tax credit wasn’t enough to cover nursery fees plus i have mortgage and pay council tax etc… my daughter started school in September so I have some extra money  to pay back debts etc.. do not give your job up as your son will grow up so quickly and you will need money to  buy luxuries,  trips out  nice clothes, holidays. Saturday hobbies etc.  I negotiated that I took my daughter to nursery at 7.30am to start work at 8.15am  and finished at 3.30pm to get to nursery for 4.30pm . Now my daughter is at school shes picked up by school bus . I pay a nanny to meet my daughter at home and give her something to eat until I get home at 5.30pm . I don’t have parents and my siblings live far . I don’t receive maintenance either .

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