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    I’ve just relocated (fortunately it’s to the area I grew up in) but suddenly I’m a single parent.

    My husband has been struggling with depression, struggled to bond with our 17 month old son and just can’t handle being with us as a family. He’s also betrayed my trust by things I’ve found out but it still doesn’t stop me from loving him. He says he loves us too but just that this can’t happen as the pressure is too much. He can also see the impact it’s having on me too, I’m not my usual happy self.

    So I was launching a new business and hadn’t got much work, I was pretty much a stay at home Mum with him providing for us. Now, I don’t know what to do.

    I’m in shock, feeling alone and wondering what the hell has happened. There’s no going back from this but I need to change my feelings too.

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    Sorry to hear you are suddenly alone.

    i found myself alone this time last year, my husband went to work and never came home.

    all I can say to you right now is find local single parent groups… find other people who are in similar situations, look on fb for a local gingerbread group or single get together group… there are hundreds of people like us, and it helps a lot.


    things will get better, easier and you will be happy again.  Believe that, and you will be fine.

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    To be fair, that’s all a bit unspecific as far as help goes. But anyway, hi, we’re all caught in the maelstrom here. You can’t change your feelings. You’re not a robot. My immediate reaction is to say how can a Human being not bond with a baby, and 17 months is not a baby anyway. He’s not well. He needs help. You can’t do that. Maybe he can’t either. That’s not your fault or your responsibility. Your focus is the baby. And we are all here in a similar boat for you to talk to.

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    Thanks Neeka, I’ll have a look for local groups. Sorry to hear about what happened to you too.


    Empty – no, he’s not well and I’ve done all I can to help but it was starting to impact on my health too. Some people don’t connect, he had got better as he turned into a toddler but still struggled.


    Life goes on and i know im not the only one to go through this but as its only just happened, I’m in shock to suddenly find myself in this situation.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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