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    hi everyone


    i need to vent a bit. I feel like I’m screwing something up a bit but I’ve no idea why or what!

    Im a very loving and hands on single mum of a 6 and a half year old boy. I bring him up alone with no outside help from his father.

    every day I’m faced with yet another moment where I just have to say “wtf”

    In the past few weeks I’ve had the following..


    …red food colouring found,  played with and spread around the living room then hidden and attempt to clean up


    …an overdose of multivitamins, resulting in a long call with 111 to see if he was poisonned


    …cornflakes spread over the sofa


    …an important letter, ready to post, ripped open for no reason


    …poo spread over the sink after an attempt to wipe


    …a self made dodgy hair cut


    …chicken bones from dinner hidden in bedroom


    …permanent marker tattoos


    ….various cleptomaniac thefts or random items that just don’t belong to him


    …levers in car messed about with, leaving lights on, luckily a kind neighbour let me know.


    …my shampoo played with and poured away

    …I could go on….


    i dotthink he’s doing in maliciously or even with any thought. I ask him why and he simply shrugs. He’s otherwise content and happy and doing pretty averagely at school too.



    i feel so drained by this random and destructive behaviour

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    Does he do this with anyone else or is it just you? Has this just started or has he always had tendencies this way?  Some of it could be down to being six a year old boy who is pushing the boundaries, but it does sound rather a lot. What do school say about his behaviour? Is there a family support worker at the school who could maybe spend a little time with him to see if they can get to the bottom of it?

    I have a 7 year old daughter and while we don’t have the behavioural issues (she has her moments like any child), she has had a tough few years with health, family issues and her dad walking out which the family support worker has worked through with her. If they don’t have one at the school, can they perhaps suggest who you could talk to alternatively?

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    Just re-read your post – my daughter chopped all her hair off last summer. It was very long and she gave herself a truely horrendous mullet. The front was so short we had no choice but to chop all the rest of it off so it was about an inch long all over. I had a monumental sense of humour failure but actually it suited her and was so much easier to wash!!! She was 7 and (I thought) relatively sensible…

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    Try these guys:

    Support with any parenting problem: Family Lives 9am-9pm weekdays, 10am-3pm weekends FREE helpline 0808 800 2222 http://familylives.org.uk

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    Simplest views are sometimes worth ruling out: is he just acting up to get your attention?  Do you spend enough quality 1:1 time with him?

    We see many parents “with” their children but they’re not actually engaging… parents might be on their phones or kids might be on their iPads but what they actually need is time and attention.

    Just floating an idea.

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