I’m in a complete mess with working tax credits, I really need some help pls 😭

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    I went self employed with high expectations to make something of myself. Unfortunately in sep 2017 I was involved in a car accident, this was a very stressful time as not only did I have no support with my 3 children. My mental and physical health deteriorated. Maybe it was pride but I was determined to not let the accident define me, and through the pain the flash backs and depression I told myself I’d be better soon. On a few occasions I visited my doctor where I would cry, and explain my concerns with not being able to afford to go off sick as I was self employed. The only thing the doctor offered was antidepressants, which I refused as I just needed help with how complicated my life had got, not to suppress my mood.

    After constant hospital and doctor visits.. the stress of paying bills and looking after my children. The weeks flew one month went into another and before I knew it I was in a dark place with no one to speak too. I relied heavily on paying my bills and having food in the cupboards to feel like I had control over my life. I tried my hardest to keep my business going and to get work coming in, but the fact of the matter was I was struggling. As I was suffering a lot with my back pain. I wasn’t earning enough and I didn’t know what to do. I recently received a letter from working tax credits, requesting proof of my business. I tried to provide them with as much as possible, I panicked and even lied about earning £50 week as the only advice I had been given was, to qualify that was the minimum I could earn. In desperation I was hoping this year I could get myself back on track and get the work coming in again. Instead I have opened up a can of worms for myself, working tax credits explained they will not take personal circumstances into consideration. I then found out I had entitlement to time of sick . I was truly saddened that I’d spent soo long in a dark place with no support, and now when it’s too late I was finding out I could of got support. My working tax credits has been more than halved. Iv received no payment this week. And will only receive half next week. Iv came to this forum through desperation.  I’m in such a dark place right now, I just need some guidance, citizens advice sent me to an organisation last week.. I waited around for 2hours for them to tell me they don’t know what I should do. Working tax credits told me to go to a food bank and that was it. I just want out of this mess. I just need some guidance on any organisations or any people who could support me.

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    Hi CMHN

    Sorry to hear that you’re having such a difficult time right now. For advice about  tax credits and other benefits, you can call our Single parent advice service at Gingerbread, the freephone number is 0808 802 0925.

    The helpline can be busy so it’s usual to have to wait on the line to get through, but it’s free to hold.

    Opening hours are:

    10am,-6pm Monday

    10am-4pm Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

    10am-1pm and 5pm-7pm Wednesdays

    Take care


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    Thank you soo much will call today!

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