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    Hi All

    I’m current living alone in Paphos in Cyprus, I have  a modern 2 bedroom Townhouse in a quiet area about 10 minutes drive to the main town and 15 minutes from the beaches. There is a communal pool on site that is shared between 9 other houses.

    A friend of a friend of mine who has a 7 year old and from the UK contacted me recently to say she and her husband have recently split up, she could really do with a holiday but was worried about coping alone for a whole week without support, she also really fancied some company and to actually have a break herself.

    I have offered to host her at my place, I with accommodate her, pick her up from the airport and take her back when required, I said I can help with her childcare so she can actually enjoy a rest too, I have offered to take them to the waterpark, show them around, take them to the beach, take them out to some tried and tested restaurants etc. I will do the housework and some cooking and assist in anyway that I can including being another adult to talk to.

    The reason I’m telling you all this, is that it got me thinking, how many other single parents are there out there that would appreciate and like a holiday with assistance? I’m 36, I was trained at college in childcare and work with babies up to toddlers for many years before moving career in to a primary school. I brought up my stepchildren from the ages of 4 and 7 to adulthood, and now live half the year in Cyprus alone. I am first aid trained and CRB checked.

    Initially I’m looking for feedback about the concept and if anyone is interested please let me know. Any feedback positive, negative or constructive would be appreciated.




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    I think it’s an amazing idea! Hope you are successful . Our nanny is elderly and she suggested getting away so that she could help but she’s almost 80  . My 5 year old  daughter loves the beach. I love Paphos and visited 3 times before I had my girl.


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    Hi Michelle

    First of all,

    You are an amazing friend, your friend is extremely lucky.

    As a service I think it is a great idea! You would be ticking all boxes.

    The only thing I would say is space. You would be in one room and single parent + (however many) children would be in another. Depends how big the room would be.

    & if you haven’t thought about it yet- possible at home/evening time entertainment?

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    Sounds a good idea. Im itching togo away but ive only been abroard once and wouldnt know where to start. My son 2 in October and I just need a break but I need to save up so probs a few years away from doing anything but i think id have to have someone join me to sort of help me out a bit

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    You are definitely on track to making this a success. You have the right ideas.

    All those ideas sounds perfect- maybe you could make it optional- depending on their preference. Some may want to choice of having you around- almost like an overnight/in-house Nanny. For others (like you said) may want the place to themselves or even just the one level

    As a single parent- I can stay this is something that would be so appealing especially if you have all the evidence to back up the experience ect. Definitely go for it. It’s clear you are passionate.

    As for advertisement; I don’t have much ideas in mind..

    Your own pages on social media, create your own website, single parent websites, social services, domestic violence organisations, story in the newspaper..

    The place is soooo beautiful!! You will not problems with attracting people

    On a side note; I would also say maybe making a discount for parents on benefits/low income/studying (if they are willing to show proof) – just to make that extra impact and relief for single parents struggling.. after all who really needs it the most

    I’m so excited for you lol

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    Sounds like a great idea.

    I’m newly separated and can’t imagine taking my 2 children (6 and 4) abroad for a few years yet as I couldn’t keep my eye on both of them by the pool/at the beach all day every day by myself!

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    When can I book my flight!


    Honestly love the idea and my kids would so love going away! My daughter never left the country !! How much would you charge for that as if its reasonable you would be really busy

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    I would like to remind everyone that the forum is not here to advertise or promote commercial ventures.  Mward83, I have removed a post which directly advertises your property and I have sent you a personal message.

    Here is a copy of our community guidelines which are avaiable at the start page of the forum.


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