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    I will try and keep this short ish. My wife of 14 years decided in January she didn’t want to be married. She has been stopping on and off at her parents since. She has tried to get me to move out of our family home via solicitors and suggested I move in with my parents, I can’t as they are high risk during coronavirus. Nothing else was followed up on this from 4 weeks ago. My wife was diagnosed with severe depression and physcosis in February and spent 3 weeks sectioned in hospital as she had accused her parents, not me, of abuse and all sorts. I looked after my children during those 3 and 1/2 weeks without problem as expected, they are 10 and 8. She was discharged and went back to her parents as she knew I was in our home… 3 days later I dropped the children there with an agreement that we would share the care at least during the coronavirus. She has kept them there for 4 weeks and I’ve had no contact apart from a few Skype calls.  I’m self employed and haven’t worked in 3 weeks so have been on my own. There is no risk if they come here. I’ve put forward to her and via solicitors that I spend the next 2 weeks with them, she is ignoring me and keeps using the virus as an excuse…. I’m legally entitled to look after them, the GOV say this and the local police….. I’m being ignored and her solicitor is very slow

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    Hi, i can hear how much of a difficult time you are having and more so that you are going through it on you own during lockdown. At 8 and 10 your kids will know how much they mean to you and you to them. Keep the conversations going. Maybe speak to the gingerbread adviceline, legal matters are generally slow, perhaps ask your solicitor what timescales they are expecting to run things at and what the next steps would be if they don’t hear anything back, then at least you would have an idea of the process if you and your ex cant work something out in the meantime. Best of luck.

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