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    does anyone know of any help/support I could receive (NOT Benefits wise)  I have no family to help and I’ve looked on line but there seems a lot of help for parents with a disabled or ill child but not for parents with ill physical health ? Thank you 😊

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    Not having a support network is extremely difficult. Firstly, I give you my highest respects. I know all too well how this can feel.

    If for any reason due to your ill-health your little one will be unlikely to “achieve or maintain” or, “have an opportunity of achieving or maintaining, “a reasonable standard” of health or development and/if their “health or development is likely to be significantly  impaired or further impaired” without services, you may be eligible for a child in need assessment. CHILDRENS ACT 1989. Please have a little read. There is plenty of support out there, you just have to be willing to really take it if you need it.

    I know that there is a lot of stigmas associated with children & family services but I can assure you that they are absolutely nothing to threat. Knowledge is power, they are just “red tape”. They really do have the ability to change lives, it can be difficult to access any help if there is fear. I can understand if you may be worried about my suggestion but know this:


    The information is there it just is not easily accessible. Unfortunately, one too many families suffer far too long before they get the help they truly need to move forward. It may be worth putting together a lengthy email and sending it to the director of the local children and family services in your area, this can help to really grab the attention of the intended individuals and decrease waiting time for the help you truly need.

    I do not wish for you to feel pressured to reveal your struggles in-depth, however, a little more information would help to help get the information you need. Is it pain associated? etc…  no fine details needed.

    I have been searching a little while for you to see if I can find help for individuals who suffer from physical illness and I can confirm that it does appear to be difficult. I came across    who claim to want to make health and social care accessible for all who need it. They have thoroughly conducted reports on the importance of physical AND mental health and make clear they are very interconnected. You could have a little read of the information they provide.

    Most organisations run on a needs assessment process to start with, I would suggest one that is focused on you and your little one. There are plenty of charitable organisations that help vulnerable individuals but I would be unable to provide you those without a little more information.

    I really do hope you get the support you need.

    best wishes 🙂




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    I’m in the same position as you appear to be in.  Although I thought I had a good support network, however my condition has isolate me.  My lack of mobility and ability to carry out most cooking housework, continues to cause tension between my Sister and I.

    I became ill over a year ago, I’m in need of housework support as my condition, more often than not leaves me house or bed bound, leaving me present but unable to partake in life!

    I contacted social services for an Occupational therapy assessment.  The community Rehab team were amaging and helped with large aids.

    I’m awaiting my PIP decision, to be able to employ people to help around the house.  As I am currently on fully paid sick leave any assistance from social services would need to be paid for in full – which is not financially viable for me.

    I feel totally lost in the system and my teenage son is taking advantage of the entire situation!

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    Absolutely you should contact your local councils Adult Social Care team for an assessment.

    Get familiar with The Care Act. The local council has a duty of care to help you as a disabled/ill adult lead a normal life. That directly includes to help you fulfill your parenting duties.


    Good luck.

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