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    Hi, I was on one social media and I read a nasty comment insulting single mums. I clicked on the report button. Single mum discrimination is just ignorance. Single mums should be respected more, it’s almost 2020 so society should embrace single parent families. Sorry I just had to get this off my chest, have a rant.

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    it’s not just single mums, but all parents managing their brood running solo. Personally, I avoid social media as I feel it’s a negative place when it comes to maintaining good mental health as there’s always someone with an opinion that may be different to your own. It is what it is 😁

    Don’t  let it spoil your day

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    Ayce, just ignore them. They are not only rude but spectacularly ignorant.

    Most of the single parents I know keep all the plates spinning despite doing it alone, provide for their children, sort schools & help with homework, work full time, contribute to GDP – We are bloody marvellous.🤗 🤗 😁


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    Thank you for your replies. I am going solo with being a mother. Most people I know are supportive, it is just one person I know who keeps interfering in whatever I do and wishes for bad. I will try my best to ignore this negative person and I will protect myself and baby , I find this forum really helpful.

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    I love it when people start spouting off about single mums on benefits as if we are the scum of the earth. I really feel like saying to people, yes I am single, yes I have kids and yes I am currently on benefits, but the reason is because my husband has upped and left me! This really isn’t a lifestyle choice I’ve embraced with open  arms!!!

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    Yes EmmaJ84, I totally agree with you!

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    Just ignore them.

    They are a fake people with severe shortage.

    But I have to confess that single parents are really sensitive due to all difficulties.

    Others can’t understand that

    It’s so obvious!



Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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