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    Hi all, I am new to the group today.

    I have recently been awarded shared custody of my child (3) and am in the process of agreeing on a schedule. I currently work as a support worker for adults with learning disabilities; this entails being away from home for whole, 24 hour days, sometimes 3 a week. Going forward this cannot happen as my child will be with me half the week and is obviously not at school yet. If I stay and go part time my money will drop drastically as my sleep in pay makes up the bulk of my earnings.

    I was hoping to become a social worker or work in the probation service, but realistically I feel this cannot happen for a few years while in the present I have the opportunity to spend lots of precious time with my child. Due to the recent stress of overwork, court battles and disharmony from my child’s mother I am struggling to find clarity in deciding what I can do to make good money at home while my child is asleep or at nursery. My question to you is, what works for you? What options and suggestions are there for someone in my position?

    Please do not suggest selling Arbonne, Forever Living or any other MLM schemes. Ideally I want something online that will generate more than minimum wage and enable me to give my child a good life of travel and experiences. However I am open to all/offline suggestions.

    Thank you for reading and good luck to you x

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    Hey silly daddy.

    Could you not speak with your employer and arrange your shifts around the days you have your child? So long as your ‘shared care days’ remain the same on a weekly basis. This would allow you to continue having the consistency of a guaranteed income so you have the money to enjoy things together with your child.  I think most employers within the care industry don’t want to lose staff, you could then look at doing the future career stuff by distance learning. I’m thinking that if you gave up your employed position, you will have the responsibility and stress of generating an income in another field and having worked self employed and employed, I valued the ease of just turning up to work without having to source it. If the ‘shared care days’ are not consistent then look at bank (agency) work within your field. Sometimes bank work pays a better hourly rate but you don’t have the guaranteed hours. All swings and roundabouts. Personally I wouldn’t be so quick to leave the leave the position unless it’s something you can no longer see yourself doing

    hope this helps


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    I totally understand you, I have never been out of work myself, but when me and my partner (Not my sons mum) broke up in June, I had no other choice. I would recommend speaking to your employer first, you never know they may be willing for you to convert to part time.

    I actually asked the job coach at universal credit ant they didn’t have a clue.

    With what you have said you sound like you like to help people, have you considered a online coach or advisor?

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