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    Hi. I’m almost 32 weeks pregnant and my partner has moved out a few weeks ago. We had a very unbalanced and troubled relationship,  so it didn’t come as a surprise. however he is still helping me and will be present in his child’s life – at least I hope.

    On one hand I was expecting this outcome, on the other I am absolutely terrified that I will never get my life back.

    Is there any other pregnant single woman who wants to share her thoughts with me or any group activities that I can be involved in ?

    I live in London! I hope this forum will give me some sort of companionship!!

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    Hi Bluehydrangea, I can relate to your story. I’m sorry this happened to you! Would be really cool to chat. I am in a similar situation. I was in a long distance realtionship for almost 2 years. Originally it was me who left my home country to live in London and we met about 2 weeks before I was going to leave. It was beautiful in the beginning but then he started pressuring me to move back, the whole relationship became quite bad because it was all about this. Him moving to London was never an option and whenever I wanted to talk about a compromise he got really angry and called me selfish. I couldn’t do it anymore and broke up with him two weeks ago. A few days ago I found out I am pregnant. I really want to keep the baby but I cannot imagine myself moving back to my home country. Obviously I wouldn’t want the child to grow up without a father. Hugs


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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