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    So I found out my husband was seeing another women. It took from me going home confronting him about it to him leaving all in 15 mins my last 8 years just over !! That was 6 weeks ago.
    He hasn’t been the best husband one could be over our married life but I’ve stood by him through all his ups and downs to him just deciding we were over and not talking to me so we could work it out before looking for another women. I’m normally a very strong/level headed person. This has totally challenged my mental state. I have cried every day since he’s gone and moved in with his new partner. I just want to forget all about him and get on with my life. My daughter is 11 and is really happy he’s not around any more as they didn’t have a fab relationship.  I hate the fact that he has done this to me and just carries on with his new life. I’ve asked him to take the rest of his stuff from the house weeks ago as I think it’s unfair for me to see it every day but says he can’t take it all yet as he hasn’t any where for it to go. I feel like I’m going backwards with my state of mind inside of being positive with moving forward.
    sorry to rant with a long one. My family just say I’m so much better without him which I know in time I will be. I just want these feelings to stop now

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    Hi, can’t he put his stuff in storage? or has someone got a garage he can put it in? As for you and your daughter it sounds like he brought nothing to the marriage or as a dad, you will both be happier in time and stronger ! I know that’s what I’m hoping for,and I know one thing life is too short to be feeling crap because of someone else’s actions!

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    Thank you. Yes you are right. Never did bring anything to the marriage or my daughters life. Life is too short. I need to pull myself together. I’m going to tell him to collect his stuff else it goes out at the bottom of the drive this weekend. Hope every thing is going positively for you !

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    Brilliant! You do that! Change the locks if necessary. im only just starting my journey, my son is going on holiday with my parents on monday so im guessing the silent treatment will end, then it talks about who leaves and who stays in this house.

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    P.s he is not worth the tears and upset, show your daughter you are strong and you can have a happy and successful life without a man bringing you down( sorry to the decent men on here!) good luck my lovely ☺️

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    Thankfully I’ve never shown my upset in front of my daughter. I don’t want her to see me like that. I’m in the middle of getting the house signed over to me. Solicitors told me I can’t change the locks while he’s still on the mortgage. So I will as soon as that happens.
    I hope it goes how you want it to go when the talks start up. I’m lucky I don’t have to sell the house. He has walked away not wanting anything. Thank you for taking the time to chat with me. Here if you need to at any point of your joinery. Take care  x

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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