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    My husband left me 4 weeks ago following a 2 month messaging relationship with another woman (who chased him knowing he was married with two small children). They have now taken their relationship further and I am devasted at being told he doesn’t love me anymore, which is my fault apparently and he loves her. He is now totally devoid of emotions and heartless (although I’m sure not to her). Our family and friends are in total shock as everything about this situation is so out of character for him and they could see how happy we were (until she came along).

    I cannot get past the overwhelming need for them not to last, and for him to look at me again and realise he walked away from the best thing in his life, without even trying to make us work, and regret it. I know it probably won’t happen. And it won’t change our split. But I feel desperate for this for myself and my healing, and for the other woman not to be in my kids life’s knowing she never gave them a second thought when she messaged him.

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    Hi Helen2

    I know you’re in a lot of pain right now and you’re trying so hard for it to go away. The best thing to do is share exactly how you feel, I’m sure many people on this forum have been where you are.  Make sure you have family or friends you can turn to when things are too difficult.

    There is a saying you reap what you sow, your husband may realise this one day.

    Focus on yourself and children, your happiness is with those who love you.

    Take care

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    Hi Helen, maybe he’ll regret it, maybe he’ll not. I think you should try to focus on yourself and moving forward. Allow yourself to grief, but pick yourself up as soon as you can. There are still opportunities for you to live your best life without him. Just focus when this sad time starts to pass, and it will pass.

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    My wife did the same to me, so I packed an left, turned out they bloke moved in, 3 days later he was out the house an I got a text from my ex saying she’s sorry, she loves me an wants to make it work, trust me it will back fire an karma has its ways. I was actually happy for my wife that maybe she will be more happier etc. Turns out he wasn’t the man for her even tho they’d been going behind my back for nearly two years.. Trust me it will catch up on him soon. I always wanted my ex to feel the same an it took 2 ysars for her to realise. So although you got to be patient, it will come round anytime an you’ll just laugh at it.

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    I completely understand you helen. My ex treated me terribly when he left. He is living a wonderful life with the woman he left me for. She has pretty much stepped into my old life whilst I lost so much. I’ve come to the conclusion that karma really doesn’t exist. All we can do is try to soldier on. Take care

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    Renata L

    It seems that revenge is not the best option. I had a similar story with my father, who left me and my mom three times. I wanted to live a good life and achieve success to hurt him, but in the end, I realized that I had to do it for my own sake. This motivation works much better, I am sure you will be alright soon.

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