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    So after months of negotiations i thought i had it under control! My ex would stay with the kids while i go to work during the day ( he works nights) and i’ll have them for Friday, Saturday and Sunday..alone!

    When it comes to the weekend he will start and text and ask to join us for whatever activity we have planned for the day. Because i wanted to keep it amicable, i say ” yes” to his requests but once he joins us the tensiune is there. You just can’t ignore it!! So i wanted to talk to him about that and he said ” there is nothing to talk about it”

    This brings me to my question: how the hell can I get him to back off without him threatening me to stop looking after the kids? If he won’t help me with that i will end up paying for childcare ( extra bills for me)

    He comes to me for short loans (always pays back if i remaind him). I pay for the weekly shopping, kids uniforms ( school in September), rent and all other bill that come with the house, i organise their meals and all that and i go to work 4 days a week ( 5 days for September) he never has money for anything

    I’m tired of dealing with his moods and being told off for everything ( although mind you i think i’m doing a f***ing great job

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    I was in the same position but the opposite way around. It’s hard. But I just had to bite the bullet and accept whatever repercussions happened.

    There is no other way. Otherwise its still like being in a relationship with him I suppose.

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    Thank you bluesman

    It is indeed very hard and i have tried to be understanding and patient but i’ve run out of it all.

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    Gingerbread Alex

    Hi Nick35,

    You may also want to call the Gingerbread Single Parent Helpline on 0808 802 0925 to speak to an adviser about your options. You can find the opening times here:



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