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    Hi there.

    So I am a man that left his wife because he realised she was abusive after she abused our daughter physically. Social workers were involved and I was working 700 miles away when it occurred. I was forced to leave the family home and a lot of things happened including blackmail.

    I made a horrible mistake. The social workers persuaded me to help my ex be a better mother and I agreed. All that happened was she spent the next 2 years restricting my access.

    The mistake was not coming home and taking hold of the children myself.

    I went through mediation and I gave the ex 95 percent of the house profit from sale, approx 77000 and I give her 2220 a month even though she refuses to sign the paperwork to allow us to go absolute.

    So I finally got a child arrangements order last week. Got bombarded by emails and eventually told her to stop trying to arrange my life and the order is the order. She claimed the kids had stuff arranged.

    Now this has escalated with my some telling me that “I have a diary to use when I am with you for concerns I have” and that if I don’t let them use the mobile their mother got them for messaging and games he will tell mummy and she will take me to court. I have already agreed to pay a play therapist 600 per 12 weeks for approx atelier a year to help his behaviour as he has punched me on two separate occasions.

    I need advice here.


    Thank you in advance.

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    So sorry to hear what you even been through,I got my absolute without needing my ex to sign, I applied, it went to court,I was granted it and received it in post a week later x

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    I think that’s a fine plan, unfortunately in this case there would be no financial agreement leaving me open to being taken to court for money later.

    The post was really to see if anyone else has experienced the situation with the children like I have and what happened.

    Thanks though. X

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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