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    I’m Single parent with no help with childcare for a break, I can’t afford a sitter for a night out like most of us, and I’m alone all weekend with the kids as I have no one to offer taking both my kids for a night off, I want to start a website where we all offer a night of free babysitting to a mum in the same boat, she in turn either pays it forward or returns the favour, there are thousands of us parents here and for one reason or another is without the support system of people to ask, so we could have a website we could go to, enter the help we need and have a network of help available, and a community that supports anyone that needs it, the only requirement is if you use the service you have to pay it forward, mums can post online dates they will babysit, and we can introduce them, it’s just an idea obviously you would have to work our safeguard issues and how it would work in real time, it may be a silly idea but it can’t hurt to ask, I need something like this as life is passing me by while I love my kids I miss my life too and the money is way to tight to even contemplate paid sitters so others may feel like that too….. I may just be being silly but I’d like to hear what others think? Be kind in your thoughts though I just want to help anyone who feels similar.xx

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    I would love to have time off and childcare is so expensive as I have a nanny and 2 Childminder to help out so that I can go to work.

    Personally I would not leave my child with someone that advertise their service even if its free. It does not matter how desperate I am I don’t trust any random stranger in my home looking after my child.

    I don’t have camera in my home and trust Nanny 100%..anything happens and she tells me. Its been like that for almost 5 years now.

    The after school childminers have cameras in their home to cover themselves. A bit more expensive And gives me peace of mind

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    I think it’s a cracking idea, I’d be in for it. I have an enhanced dbs and a diploma for children and young people’s workforce. Parents would feel safer leaving their children if all background checks were done I think. I have no idea about setting up nd running a website tho.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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