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    Hi everyone 

    I’m writing here maybe someone over here will be able to give me advise of what to do.

    My ex and i split out around 6 months ago we have 2 kids very little ones coz older is 2 younger 1. Long story short when I was preagnant with older one he cheated on me with his ex when I was preagnant with younger one  he was in full on relationship with someone else and at the end I found video when he was having sex with someone else!!! When I found all of that he lost his job and i was paying for absolutely everything.

    And now I don’t want to stay in England coz im from Poland and all my family is back home. He won’t let me take kids away and i cant stay here coz i dont want to stay on benefits I want to go back to work follow my passion and don’t have any help or support here. Oh and i forgot hes not paying child maintenance as well he prefers to buy weed lol I know some of you might say I’m stupid yes I was was.

    Please tell me what can I do can i make my own life now without asking him for any permission is he able to take kids away from me coz he’s telling me that he will do it.

    Thanks to whoever had time to read it and have some advise

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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