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    I’ve just signed up to Gingerbread, I wish I’d have thought about this sooner.

    im a single mum of an 11year old and he lives week on/off with his dad. This has been like this for 7 years now.  Surely 8 should be used to it?  As life goes one I am becoming more and more lonely.  I have a few friends, one lives close but it’s not the relationship I can talk like I’m typing to you now.  I’m an only child myself and my family are small and very far away…. It’s not the best relationship with my mother. I don’t mean for this to sound like a pity party. Life is hard though and as my son gets older, I’m getting more lonely and more scared about how life will be.

    is there anyone here who can chat?



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    You are not alone, and you are in the right place for support. Did you do much Christmas,  I spent it with just my little and me, well after midday.  Whay have you been up to today?

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    Thank you Surreyman, I wasn’t expecting such a quick reply (or one at all, maybe) thank you.

    My son was with his dad for Christmas, it seemed so much harder this time, although I k ow he had a wonderful time.  Thankfully a friend came to spend it with me.  Just a couple of days but it was lovely to be with her.

    I have my son with me just now, he’s playing on line… we went for a bike ride earlier. He’s back to school on Wednesday.

    do you find it hard at times? I wish I could slap this black cloud away… as much as I try I just feel so low.  It’s like the older he gets, the less he needs me (in some ways, of course) and then what do I do? It’s hard to socialise and make new friends….

    apologies for any typos, I’m a recently diagnosed dyslexic!

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    No problem,  you will get there, you sound like an amazing mum, and do lots with your son and he will appreciate that. I think we all find it hard at times, but it will get better, I find it harder to make friends especially when you have kids and are single,  but there are groups around to support and activities you can join 🙂

    To answer your original question,  your son would miss you for sure, and your friend .

    Keep being the super mum that you are and times will change

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    Hi, reading your message was the push I needed to register myself on here. It’s reassuring to know that we’re not alone in our feelings.

    Alot of what you wrote resonated. I’m divorced with 2 youngish children and even after 4 years from when we first separated, I have good and bad days. My family is small and distant too and I have friends scattered far and wide. When in the marriage I focused on work and the family so didn’t make any real friends locally and I’ve stayed living in the same town for the children. I’ve tried Meetup groups and made what I’d describe as acquaintances, but not what I would describe as real friendships.

    I keep telling myself to plod on and try to stay positive and I keep going to meetups! I’ve also found the wealth of yoga and general fitness vids on YouTube a real pick me up. I am hoping that my perserverance will pay off eventually.

    Stay strong!

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    *deleted user*

    Is that one cat in the picture or two? They are lovely!

    Think most of us would agree that Covid has made getting to know people harder.

    Handy perhaps to have Samaritans freephone number in your phone. It is 116 123 and they keep saying in their advertising it is not just for people who are suicidal by any means so aside from posting on here that is another possiblility to chat with someone if you can’t get out, even in the middle of the night…

    I’m hoping your morning is going alright.

    I use a notebook for myself in which I try to list the positives…as well as the to dos…

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    *deleted user*


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    *deleted user*

    Just wondering how you are doing OP this evening?

    Have you managed a cup of chocolate perhaps? Or your favourite T.V. programme.

    I have got Netflix. I try films. Independents mainly as I love films from other countries. and independent film makers.

    Do share what you are up to..


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    Hey there,

    I hope you’re having a good weekend?

    You are not alone in how you feel. I have a 7 year old daughter. Her Dad is very inconsistent but if she does stay will be of a weekend.

    I find weekends the hardest as my friends are all coupled up and that’s their family time so always struggle to find people to do things with. That’s whether I have my daughter or not.

    Where are you based?

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    *deleted user*

    Chin up OP. As others have said weekends can be quite hard. Do keep posting and let us know how you are and what you are up to eh


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    Hey lovely,

    I can empathise with you completely. My separation from my husband is very recent (1 week ago he left) and even though it was mutual I feel numb. I have 3 children so am just plodding along on autopilot for their sake. It’s so hard. Here if you need to chat x

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    Hi there, I feel exactly the same, only child too, tiny family and no support, my daughter is 17 and I feel like she is living her best live and I’m here just waiting for anyone that’s never going to arrive. I feel so alone too, your post was the reason I joined up here, just to let you know that you aren’t alone x

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