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    I am so depressed and lonely. I keep trying things that I know should help but nothing is. Its not that easy to make new friends. My kids are not very nice to me. My family don’t care about me and they really dont its not just how Im feeling. I have no one but loads of responsibility and feel so depressed I dont even want to move. Any suggestions?


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    sorry to hear that your feeling so lonely. I feel like that plenty of times as my kids don’t live with me.

    I would recommend you do a search for a support group, other gingerbread members here:


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    Can relate to how you are feeling, I think under the current circumstances, you are certainly not alone! (Small comfort I know)

    Agree with Steve’s advice as another other support is pretty limited, although it may be worth also contacting your GP to discuss how you feel and if there is any support they can offer.

    In the meantime, treat yourself kindly, you are doing the best you can. Make some time for you, even if it’s a soak in a bubble bath.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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